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Healing from Sexual Abuse

What is sexual abuse?

Sexual abuse occurs when an adult or adolescent uses a child, young person or adult for sexual gratification without that person's informed consent. Under no circumstance can a child or adolescent give informed consent to having his or her body used sexually by another human being, though perpetrators often manipulate children or teenagers to feel as though sexually-abusive behavior is desirable. Because human beings were not designed to be used, coerced, manipulated, deceived or dominated by other human beings, any form of sexual molestation delivers devastating emotional, physical, spiritual and/or intellectual damage.

What is your background for working in this area?

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. I have conducted research in the field of sexual abuse since 1980, when I was a lay counselor working on the staff of a church in Colorado Springs.

After over twenty years of research, I published the bibliotherapeutic novel, Secrets Behind the Door, to expose the pandemic problem of sexual abuse and to offer hope to survivors. In 2011, I published the counseling workbook, Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope, based on my work counseling hundreds of men, women and children from dozens of countries. The workbook is available in both English and Spanish. If you would like to purchase a copy, go the "Resources" section of my website or click on the book to the right.

Core Healing from Sexual Abuse: A Journey of Hope

Survivors of sexual abuse are often referred to as "numb survivors" or "people with frozen emotions," because they have deadened complex feelings in order to survive. Sexual abuse damages the core of the survivor's soul, so that is where healing begins. Core Healing seeks to resolve root issues fueling anxiety, depression, insecurity or fear, while illuminating solutions, so you can enjoy being fully alive. Individual counseling integrates cognitive behavioral, biblical and solution-focused therapy to help you heal. Your journey of hope grows as you realize past trauma does not have to define you for the rest of your life. New beginnings are possible!

Host a Core Healing Seminar

Pastors, professional counselors, life coaches and lay counselors are using this workbook in individual and group counseling to help people heal. Individuals, too, are using Core Healing to experience freedom and hope.

Your church or organization can host a "Core Healing from Sexual Abuse" seminar. This one or two-day workshop provides in-depth training using Core Healing from Sexual Abuse. The workshop gives attendees practical skills to use with clients. (For more details, click here.)

What Others Say About the Workshop

"In May of 2013, we had a two-day seminar taught by Marti Wibbels. This seminar was directed at our leaders and the community of Yeshua Church-Word and Power.

Approximately 100 people were trained in how to use Core Healing from Sexual Abuse. All of the attendees were impacted by the teaching of this beautiful book.

There is a great need in Latin American countries for training related to the issue of healing from sexual abuse. The people of Yeshua Church were very grateful to Marti for the dedication, time and expertise she brought to us.

There are no words to thank Marti and her husband Alan for the teaching they brought to the people of Guatemala for two days. We know that this teaching will bear much fruit. We hope this teaching can be repeated in our country and in churches around the world."

Pastor Jorge Mario Reyes
Yeshua Church-Word and Power
Guatemala City, Guatemala


Guatemala City radio with Pastor Jorge Mario Reyes interviewing Marti about sexual abuse
Guatemala City Core Healing Workshop: Marti speaking with translator Julio Roberto Reyes

"The South Florida Association of Christian Counselors and Palm Beach Atlantic University counseling psychology program sponsored a full-day workshop presented by Marti Wibbels on the topic of Core Healing from Sexual Abuse. Over 50 people attended and gave very positive feedback. Mrs. Wibbels is an excellent speaker and came well prepared with power point and handout. The workbook is comprehensive and scriptural, useful for counseling survivors of sexual abuse to find healing in the five core areas of competence, security, identity, purpose and belonging. We are grateful to Mrs. Wibbels, not only for the presentation but also for this powerful tool for healing."

Serving Him together,

Alicia Clarke
SFACC Administrator

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